Bio Data

Bio-data, CV (Curriculum Vitae), or Resume contains a lot about the applicant. Basically, the CV contains all the general information regarding the applicant. CV or Resume is a glance at the applicant.

Basically, a CV should contain the following information:

General Information regarding the applicant

In the first phase, a CV should contain general information regarding the applicant. The general information is named, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, etc.

Educational Background

Educational Background is an essential component of a CV. Educational background should have details about the levels completed, percentage attained, division, and passed year. Generally in Nepal, we start from SLC/SEE level.

Job / Internship / Volunteering Experiences.

We should mention our experience regarding our work, Internship, and Volunteering experiences. We should mention the organization from where we have the experience, date FROM to TO experience, and a reference if possible. Generally, reference is the contact details of that organization’s personnel who can verify that you truly have experience in that organization.

Honors/ Qualities/ Skills

If the applicant has received any kinds of Honors it should be mentioned on their CV. If the applicant has any special qualities of leadership skills it could be mentioned on their CV. An example of leadership skill could be involvement in Clubs, Scouts, Red Cross Society, etc. These qualities are highly appreciated.

Some Other Important body of the CV

We can also add the objective of the applicant in the CV. A CV should be simple and easy to understand. The layout of the CV should be simple and understandable. It is better to use easy and common words in the CV. Less Spelling errors should have in the CVs.