Interview Preparation

Visa Interview

Generally, For interview students are required to know following things.

Normally Interview Starts with General Greetings.
The First Question in interview are generally about Introduction of the students which includes academic details, level completed, passed percentage, Faculty, Passed year, Gap if any etc.
Detail information about the course is third important factor that student requires to know for interview. This includes number of semesters to be study, course start date, course end date, campus location, total credit points, number of core units and elective units, name of at least 7 units, total fees, semester fees etc.

Career plan of students determines the level of the students. University/College and High Commissions determines if the student are genuine or not from the career plan of the students. Hence the student should have clear career plan. Career plan need to have answer to what students wants to do after degree?, what jobs will they be looking?, Names of Few National and Multinational Companies?, Job Responsibilities student might receive?, salary expectation?, if doing Business profit expected? Etc.

Why that Country? Student should have clear answer to this question. They should tell some good points about that country, which will help student to achieve their career plan.

Why not Home Country? The student should have clear point instead of studying in home country, why he/she wants to study abroad? The answer to this question might be less number of University/Colleges, High Competition, traditional teaching method, no modern technology in classroom, theoretical based teaching, no proper timing of exams etc.

Why not other countries? The student should compare with others countries and show pros and cons. It could be living expenses, study environment, money exchange rate, tuition fees of Universities etc.

Why this University or College? The Student should compare some Universities or colleges of the destined country. The comparison could be made according to class size, location of college/University, Tuition fee, Avaibility of Course, Teachers Experience etc. Among them student should choose best fit to them

Financial Background Students should be well aware about the occupation of the sponsors, exact figure of the students sponsors Annual Income, details of the funds being held, Loan or Bank Balance, etc.

VISA Conditions Students are required to be well aware regarding the Visa condition of the Destined Country.

Working Part Time Students should be well aware regarding working part time.

Applying with Dependent If the student is married, He/She should be well informed regarding his/her spouse. Marriage Date, Birthday, qualification, work of Dependent, Law Familys details, family members, job description, types of marriage. If Dependent is accompanying the student he/she should have clear answer what he/she will be doing in abroad? If not coming with the students, if there is any plan in future to join student etc.

Expenses Students should know about the expenses required during their stay in abroad. The expense includes Tuition Fee, Living expense, Travelling Expense, Insurance Cost etc. The expense should be calculated semester wise, year wise and for whole duration