Message From CEO

Dear Parents and Students!

Ved International Education Consultancy has been succeeding to assist students in finding the right location and destination for studying in abroad since 2010 A.D. From our establishment, we are committed in providing the best guidance and helping students to explore their potential for better life. We believe in integrative education that goes beyond the mere reproductive education and explores speculative knowledge. We focus on the approaches to develop critical thinking, analytical power and creativity of our students that are availed with a unique atmosphere and ultramodern facilities.

Ved International Education Consultancy is a private limited company registered under the Government of Nepal (REGD. No. 78839/067/068). Ved International Education Consultancy, established in 2010 is a professional education consultancy based in Kathmandu Nepal. With several years of experience of its Team in placing the right student in the right universities, we specialize in providing admissions in: USA, Australia and Japan, with the motive of assisting students in finding the better learning location in abroad.

Dear Parents and Students, Counseling is not that easy job. We are well alert that we are dealing with dreams of you, if it breaks, it would harm you physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. Our team is very well aware about their duties and responsibilities. First of all we prescreen every individual interested to apply abroad. We analyze their academic score, Language Proficiency, Gaps in study if any, work experiences and trainings, Family Income and Economic condition. After proper prescreening, our team members ethically provides University and country option as per the portfolio if students are undecided. If students have decided their desired country and University, our team members analyze if their decision is appropriate as per their portfolio or not. After Prescreen process, Country Selection and University Selection, our team process for admission. After grant of admission, with proper documentation support, our team will process for Visa. During this period our team is capable of providing all required information regarding destined country and University or college. They provide you information regarding tuition fee, living expenses, travelling expenses, work opportunities, visa conditions and other related information. After the successful Visa grant, with full responsibility Team Ved Provides you pre departure information. Pre Departure information consists of do’s and dont’s in destined country and university/college.

We provide you alternatives as per you.

Ashik Karki,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        MBS-Tribhuvan University, QEAC – Q425, ENZ Trained Agent, UNIAGENTS CERTIFIED AGENT, TITI Certified Counselor