why study nursing in Australia?

If you have many unanswered questions about why study nursing in Australia? You have come to the right place. Australia is the third most desired country by international students after the US and UK for education purposes. The reason can be the diverse range of course and institution options offered by the country which includes over 22,000 courses and more than 1,100 institutions. Thousands of students prefer to study nursing in Australia from Nepal too.

Australian Nursing Courses have been specially planned to include theoretical understanding and practical skills needed with the purpose of providing outstanding healthcare services. Nowadays many students choose to study nursing in Australia from Nepal especially in Nursing Courses.

Degrees and Courses:

International students can apply for the degree programs from accredited universities and colleges in Australia that are accessible. Several of the degrees and programs are:

  • Diploma of Nursing/ Certificate IV
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Master of Nursing

Nursing Career Opportunities

Completing the treatment plan offers up a broad variety of choices through distinct nursing services.

Following are several career prospects:

  • Nurse Researchers
  • Registered Nurses (specialization)
  • Registered Midwives

Several areas for career enhancement after completion of the Nursing Degree are;

  • Aged Care
  • Neonatal Care
  • Community Health
  • Hospital/Medical Facilities

SOP for applying in Australia

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the crucial documents for the application of a student visa for any educational background/field. This will include your motivational story regarding academic background and achievements; educational and professional assignments to demonstrate your skills in this particular area; the reason behind attempting to obtain a degree in the meantime, your short-term goals and career plans; and lastly reason behind choosing the particular University/ institution and why you think you fit for the institution and the course.

Things to be considered while writing the SOP:


In the first paragraph, you need to introduce yourself briefly. After that, you should mention any instance that motivated you to pursue a specific course. It is better if you take it from your recent past achievements or projects that justify your interest in the field.

Academic Background

This paragraph should consist of the name of your college/ school, location, year of enrolment, year of completion, course name, subjects studied. Mention the subject or courses you were interested in or have confidence and knowledge in your past academic years. You should include the major projects from your academic years with the timelines (month/year) and a brief explanation.

Professional Experience (if any)

Initiate the current paragraph with the existing company’s name, relevant information on the date, location, position, and a brief review of your portfolio/job duties. If feasible, address any projects in which you have been engaged, depending on your specific position. Besides that, you can consider writing in a similar way as per the above regarding your past workplace.

Why this particular Institution

Mention a valid purpose for you to choose this institution program. Address certain specialized university characteristics that fit your requirements. Within this course include the information of any instructor and their fields of study (give names), research labs, clubs, projects, areas of study in the curriculum / required courses, and also the opportunities for strengthening the resume. Compare the fee structure of the institution with different other institutions, locations of the institutions.

You can check the institutional website of the programs to provide this information.

Why this course

In this paragraph, you should give reasons why you chose to pursue this course (diploma/bachelor/master) in that specific field of education. It is important to support your claim with valid examples of ad reasoning. You must be providing reasons for leaving the current employment for further education (if you have any professional background).

Career Plan

Here, you should be mentioning your course learning objectives, how learning from the course can make an impact in your professional life, what your short-term and long-term goals after the completion of the course. While writing about the career plan, mentioning about your target of obtaining a certain position in a certain organization along with brief details about salaries, allowances, and facilities like insurance, loans, and any others that are provided to the employees of the organization (can be abstracted from the website of the organization or any of the employee serving in the particular organization).


While concluding the SOP, mention your preparation for the course and also mention the references (website hyperlinks) you have taken for preparing the SOP. Here, you should give assurance of not having any intention to settle down in Australia or have any long term plan to stay over there. If you have any other queries about why study in Australia, please feel free to contact us.