Winter weather sets in as parts of Australia wake up to sub-zero temperatures

Consider snoozing the alarm and staying under the doona for an extra five minutes this morning, because winter has well and truly set in.

Much of Australia experienced temperatures close to freezing on Thursday morning, with some inland regions dipping below zero.

The mercury in Canberra sat at -3C at 6am Thursday, with Hobart the next coldest at 4.6C.

Sydney, Melbourne and Perth all shivered at around 6C, while Adelaide was about 7C.

Brisbane, meanwhile, was 13C and Darwin 18C.

The morning chill was caused by a high pressure system over the central and southern interior of the country.

Brisk, southerly winds will bring rain and frost to the southern states.

In Western Australia, a low pressure trough over the Pilbarra region is expected to bring rain and storms to the area throughout the day.

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