Your Handy Checklist! !Before you leave:

Your Handy Checklist!!

Before you leave:

Load copies of documents, photos, and some music to cloud storage

Save all important contact details and information in a Google document

Check your flight’s weight restrictions, entertainment and food facilities

Pre-arrange for your airport pick-ups and drops in home and host country both

Download a messenger or online calling app so you can contact your family and friends using

available Wi-Fi

Make your luggage identifiable by adding a motif/symbol Bring hand baggage for day trips and daily use

Create a list of items you need to take to your host country and get them all in place before you start packing

In your carry bag

Passport with your visa (along with few copies of the same) Air tickets/boarding pass

Letter of acceptance from your place of study Documentary evidence of your finances

Original or certified copy of degree qualifications Copy of birth certificate

Foreign currency enough to cover your immediate requirements (lodging, food, transport,

Credit/Debit card

Insurance document

Medical prescriptions (mandatory if you are taking any medicine) and prescribed drugs you

are carrying
Contact details and address of the place you are heading to

Spare outfit along with some warm clothing, in case your luggage is delayed Hand sanitiser

Face wipes Wallet


Headphones Power bank Phone


Spare batteries

Passport size photos

Travel pillow and itinerary

Keep your reading glasses and sun glasses


Young female passenger at the airport, using her tablet computer while waiting for her flight